Super Awesome Dilly Dip

(6 customer reviews)

Our 250g tub of cream cheese-based Dilly Dip is fantastic on chips, veggies, pretzels, burgers and even on naan bread- that’s right our famous Dilly Dip Pizza!

Only available at a retail location.


6 reviews for Super Awesome Dilly Dip

  1. Shelly

    This is the absolute best dip I have ever had. With chips, or on crackers, I would suggest everyone give it a try!

  2. Amanda

    This is the best pickle dip! Stuff it in an omelette, you won’t be sorry

  3. Ang Argue

    So happy to see this at Richmond store!! Its the best. Put it on a burger. WOW.

  4. Paula Green

    By far the best pickle dip ever.
    Chefs kiss.

  5. Nona

    Awesome dip! We had as a veggie dip… can’t wait to explore the recipes now!

  6. Lisa

    It is criminal that I can’t give this dilly dip more than 5 stars. Perfect with chips, crackers, fingers, whatever. The only recommendation I have is to drop the calorie info from the label so I don’t feel so bad about myself after eating 1/2 the container.

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