About Us

Who are the Pickle Vixens?

We are 2 hard working, energetic, pickle loving sisters (Melanie and Monica) that grew up on a farm just outside of Beachburg in The Ottawa Valley. By trade we are both in the Dental field (dental hygienist+ dental assistant) but some folks may remember us while we had our first food adventure in our food truck. We did local fairs and festivals throughout the Ottawa Valley and the Pontiac  from 2011-2017. We were pretty famous for our Deep Fried Pickles and our Pickle Poutine! After 7yrs in the biz, and a total of 5 kids between us we made the hard decision to say goodbye to our beloved little trailer and enjoy our weekends with our young families.





Where Did Super Awesome Dilly Dip come from?

In 2016, Melanie and I decided to enter a local Cancer Fundraising 6km Mud Run. I set myself a goal to raise $1000, and if I raised that I would donate my hair to the Cancer Society to make wigs. I had no problem raising it, apparently everyone thought I needed a haircut?

The following year I entered again and wanted to fundraise $1000 again, but my crop of hair was not quite long enough, so how could I reach my goal? We had been making this Dilly Dip that everyone loved when we brought to gatherings and parties. So I thought I’ll throw it on Facebook and I would make tubs of dips and donate the funds towards my goal. It went over well...really well! Everybody loved the dip and my goal was reached.

We then were approached a local hockey team to help them fundraise for a tournament and again it went really well. We started to get approached by other organizations to help them out. I said to Melanie: "Hmmm, I think we got something here?"

We would receive many messages people wanting more! In Spring of 2019, we decided to try out a couple local farmers markets, 2 small stores and continued with the fundraising with local groups. The fall of 2019, we decided to take the leap, Melanie decided to put her full time job as a dental hygienist on hold and we opened up a commercial kitchen in Kinburn, Ontario to produce our Delicious Dilly Dip. We have been very busy as we are now located in many locations and plan to continuing growing.

We really appreciate all the support of our Pickle Loving Peeps!